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More than just affordable.
We offer the best printed circuit board technology in Japan.


When you're looking for high quality printed circuit board prototype design and development, look no further than
Art Electronics Co., Ltd.
All of our pattern design staff are nationally licensed and possess skills equal to the best in Japan.
24-hour, 7-days a week, quick response, and rapid delivery.
More than just affordable printed circuit boards?we also provide services that are a step above the rest.

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Reasons to choose Art Electronics

All of our pattern design staff are nationally
licensed and possess development skills
equal to the best in the country.

At Art Electronics, all of the staff involved with pattern design are
nationally licensed as class 1 or class 2 printed circuit board
production technicians.
A high level of skill is essential in order to develop low-noise,
high-quality circuit boards.
Industry veterans with careers spanning more than 20 years work
together with younger personnel.
Circuit board prototype development for a number of different industries has been carried out in Shizuoka Prefecture,
so Art Electronics is flexible enough to deal with customers in any industry.

24-hour, 7-days a week, quick response,
and rapid delivery.

In the printed circuit board industry customers' private information
must be treated with extreme care.
We encrypt all of our customers' data.
We are proud of our industry-leading security measures, which
include using code-names even within our company.
As our customer, you can feel confident with your data in our hands.

Industry-leading security
Art Electronics takes the safety of our
customers' data seriously.

Many customers who want printed circuit boards are also aware
of both the delivery time and the speed of the response they
In addition to being able to respond to customers at weekends,
Art Electronics has systems in place to allow us to respond at
night, and to handle urgent requests from customers.
And, of course, we deliver on time.
(We meet 99.99 percent of deliveries on-time) We will deliver in as little as two days.

Our promises to our customers

1. We deliver even better service than our customers expect!

2. We will always meet delivery times. We meet 99.99 percent of deliveries on time!

3. As a professional printed circuit board group, we provide reliable proposals!

4. We utilize simulation design to ensure that solutions to problems are found!

5. Our design and development is suited to mass production!


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