Art Denshi Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information.
The company has established the following methods for dealing with
personal information, and will ensure that it is safeguarded carefully.
(Based on JISQ15001)
1. Collection of personal information
"Personal information" refers to information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email
addresses that can be used to identify specific individuals. When information is gathered through this
website, the purpose for doing so will be explicitly stated.
2. Use and provision of personal information
Personal information collected will only be used within the limits agreed to by the individual concerned,
and will not be disclosed or provided to any third party without the permission of this individual. However,
Art Electronics Co., Ltd. may disclose personal information in response to requests from a government
agency or equivalent organization.
3. Disclosure, amendment, and deletion of personal information
Disclosure, amendment, or deletion of personal information will be performed when it is confirmed that the
request has been made by the person to whom the information pertains. Please direct inquiries to the
recipient stipulated in item 8.
4. Security
Personal information collected will be managed strictly in an environment not accessible to third parties,
and measures taken to ensure that data is not lost, destroyed, altered, or leaked. Furthermore, data
collected will be discarded and deleted when Art Denshi Co., Ltd. has no further use for it.
5. Access logs
This website stores logs of accesses. These access logs include information such as IP addresses, dates,
and pages accessed, but do not contain data that can be used to identify specific individuals. Access
logs are used only for statistical information on the state of use of the site, and are not utilized for any
other purpose.
6. Links
Art Denshi Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the handling of personal information by other websites
linking to this website. Please check the privacy statements of the websites concerned.
7. Updates to this privacy statement
This privacy statement may be updated to conform to amendments to laws, or due to the needs of Art Denshi
Co., Ltd. Please check this page for the latest privacy statement. Art Denshi Co., Ltd. will contact relevant
parties in the event of a change in the handling of personal information brought about by an update to the
privacy statement, and will only implement the change when approval for it is obtained from these parties.
8. Inquiries regarding opinions, complaints, and the meaning of the privacy statement
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