Art Electronics'technology

We are professional partners.
We solve our customers' problems with advanced technology.


From design and development to prototyping and production, we offer total support that meets the needs of
our customers.

Circuit design

From design and development
to prototyping and production,
we offer total support that meets
the needs of our customers


‘ Design and development of
hardware, firmware, and software
for microcomputers of all kinds

‘ Development of hardware and software for
instrument control systems of all kinds

‘ FPGA design
‘ Data analysis
‘ Designs of jigs and cases
‘ Circuit diagram tracing / CAD data conversion

pattern design technology

Full support for product
development, through proposals
for performance, speed, and
low cost.

‘ High-speed transmission paths

(DDR2, DDR3, PCI Express)
‘ Large current circuit boards (printed circuit board
design specification proposals)
‘ Resonance surface analysis (shape, VIA
disposition consideration)
‘ Delivery time shortening utilizing concurrent design

Total efficiency proposals for everything from printed
circuit board specifications to parts mounting


ECADVANCE 8 installations
EBOARD SIM 1 installation
EZUKEN BD 3 installations
ELIN SIM 1 installation
EDEMITASNX 1 installation


We have achieved remarkable
improvements in the quality of
our product development.

‘ Providing proposals through the inspection of circuits.

‘ Analysis histories are provided in results reports.
‘ Analysis results give Art Electronics the ability to
build SIM know-how in-house.
‘ Proposals for wiring topologies
We provide simulations based on an understanding
of customer specifications.

SMDprototype mounting

Provision of quality mounting
due to profile simulation.


‘ Arrangements with makers of
designs, circuit boards, and
mountings, reducing the volume
of inquiries

‘ Bulk management of delivery times (bulk receipt)
‘ Flexible response. We will even accept requests
for single items.
‘ BGA/CSP rework service
‘ X-ray inspection service
We will take on indirect operations, reducing the
workload of our clients.

CAD system sales

Supporting the entire Tokai

‘ Art Electronics employs
trainers with over 10 years
experience in design and has

standardized the training process.
‘ We have the ability to cater flexibly to customers
of all kinds.
‘ Art Electronics also receives and responds to all
requests from makers in our region.





Useful immediately!
We give you the know-how you
need to shorten development

‘ Technological services

(transmission lines, noise countermeasures,
electromagnetic wave analysis!)
‘ Individual seminars
‘ CADVANCE training
‘ Proposals for parts information management
‘ Proposals for printed circuit boards using special

Do you have the following problems?


We want EMC know-how that's useful in the workplace


‘ We don't know how to lead our junior staff, or train new employees.
‘ We want handling and proactive

proposals for new materials and mounting technologies.
‘ We want to install CAD software but we don't
know what kind of system would suit our operations.
‘ We want to meet deadlines but maintain quality

Pattern design technology

We want suggestions for reducing
costs and EMC improvements


‘ Our intentions aren't getting
through to the designers.
‘ Checking and correcting designs
takes time.
‘ We want to reduce the time we have to wait for
‘ We want highly noise-resistant pattern design.
‘ We also want layout suggestions from design


We want to work on noise
countermeasures before we
start development


‘The results of our noise testing evaluations don't improve, and we
have to remake the circuit boards over and over again.
‘We don't understand the point of noise
‘We don't know anything about high speed
transmission lines.
‘Simulation vendors are too expensive.

CAD replacement support

We want to use part information
management to optimize all of our development operations


‘We want to reduce CAD system maintenance costs as much as possible.
‘ We want to construct a new CAD environment using
existing data.
‘We want to work on simulations but we don't know
how to do so.
‘We want to create an environment linked to our
production management system!

Prototyping and implementation support

We want more proposals for
improvement focused on mass


‘ We are looking for a mounting
company that we can trust to take on everything from parts supply to mounting and delivery.
‘ We want proactive proposals for and handling of new
materials and mounting technologies.
‘ Our development time is very limited, and we would
like to meet of delivery time requirements.
‘ We want to meet deadlines but maintain quality levels.

Environmental Technologies

We want active responses to
requests for environmental


‘We are looking for a company
that is fully compliant with RoHS
‘We want to check the environmental substances
contained in printed circuit boards!
‘Our development time is very limited, and we
would like to meet of delivery time requirements.
‘We want to check the amount of copper layer
contained in printed circuit boards.

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