printed circuit board design/production

From design to mounting of printed circuit boards in the shortest time possible.
Art Electronics Co., Ltd. offers technical capabilities that are second to none.


Dividing orders between suppliers requires a great deal of work.
At Art Electronics Co., Ltd., we can handle everything from circuit design to mounting.
Our task is to support developers concentrating their original task of value-added development by eliminating the
time required to choose suppliers for design, circuit boards and mounting.

Art Electronics services
Printed circuit board prototype development Prototype development track record of small-lot-wide products and quick delivery CADsystem sales

Development of printed circuit board prototypes

Art Electronics Co., Ltd. utilizes some of the best technology in Japan to develop printed circuit board prototypes.
All of our designers are nationally licensed, and provide services with an extremely high level of precision.
Furthermore, our customers are able to lower their costs by utilizing our services to reduce development times.

Development of hardware and software in support of product development.

Art Electronics Co., Ltd. utilizes technology
(our development support section is staffed by specialists
in both analog and high-speed digital technologies) and
information (through strong relationships with vendors of
many different system devices) to meet customer
requirements by providing the highest level of service in t
he shortest possible time.

We confirm customer development requirements, and meet
them by performing everything from circuit design through
to pattern design and mounting in-house.
In pattern design, simulation design is used to counter
noise, and a DR (Design Review) is carried out based on
production technology capabilities using cutting plans and
mounting of circuit boards, following which proposals that
take technological and cost factors into account are made.

Languages supported

Visual C++ / Visual Basic / Assembler / Verilog / VHDL

Noise countermeasure design

As a measure against EMC, we offer simulation design using S-NAP PCB suite and DEMITAS ASNX.
Hyper Lynx SI (Signal Integrity) is used to perform simulation analysis.
Everything from circuit design onwards is carried out in-house, allowing coordination from circuit design
through to pattern design to be performed smoothly, and countermeasures are therefore possible from an
early stage. Of course, Art Electronics is also able to respond to changes quickly, which is something other
companies cannot match. We also utilize simulation analysis to suggest choices for circuitry and parts,
and provide simulation reports.

Efforts to cleanliness

Within Art Electronics' production area
[Cleanliness: Class100,000 or less / 0.5u dust particle standard
(Average of measurements in 2 locations)]
(1) Flow tanks・・・Class 95,000
(2) In front of work desks for mounters ・・Class 88,000.
In order to stabilize and improve the level of cleanliness, we have installed three AT-401 air cleaners, and perform maintenance twice yearly.
We have also forbidden the opening of doors, and use sticky mats to remove dust from shoe soles. This prevents foreign matter from being brought in from outside and maintains the level of cleanliness within the floor.
Moreover, by preventing cardboard from being brought into the production area, and cleaning thoroughly every morning, we have achieved a 200 percent improvement in cleanliness over measurements taken three years previously (in November 2006).
Art Electronics will continue to move towards a paperless workplace in order to achieve further environmental improvements.

What is cleanliness?

A figure denoting the number of particles of dust and dirt with a diameter of 0.5u within one cubic foot of air.
(Units: Number/0.1 cf ) (Generally, this is measured over an floor space of approximately 1.4 m.Art Electronics also
utilizes this measurement.)
Thus, the lower the number, the cleaner the air in the room. Generally, even the better production facilities are in
the 200,000 - 300,000 class.Accordingly, a 100,000 class is indicative of a high level of control, equivalent to that
of a vehicle mass production fitting company.

Art Electronics services
In order to respond to developer requests, Art Electronics conducts development and mounting activities on a
round-the-clock basis.
Within our production area, we control cleanliness, and have constructed an environment that does not create
trash or dust, enforcing strict levels of quality control.
Information (DR) from development and design allows us to catch up quickly on problems occurring during production,
avoid unnecessary rework, and offer effective proposals for mounting.
We are also able to deal with part changes flexibly, avoiding delays in development.
We have created a system that reduces work for our customers, and allows us to deal with requests whenever

Provision of in-house inventory parts (more than 3,000 standard items)

Extensive procurement routes (inside and outside Japan) allow for rapid delivery of purchased parts

0402-type chip mounting-capable BGA CSP

All BGA mountings are inspected by X-ray (AOI inspection carried out on other circuit boards)

Wrapping mounting

Flip chip mounting, wire bonding

Small-lot / high mix/short delivery time prototype development mounting

CAD system sales

Art Electronics Co., Ltd. offers sales and support of the development
design system software that we use.
We provide the know-how and information that we use in-house, and
offer effective training so that you can begin operations in the shortest
time possible after installation.
Furthermore, customer training is undertaken by design staff with more
than 10 years of design experience. These trainers are thoroughly
aware of those points that designers need to know, increasing the
effectiveness of this training to a remarkable degree.

Comprehensive after-sales care

After installation of CAD software, we hold user meetings and private
seminars, working actively to provide knowledge, know-how, and
technical information related to development.
The environments and technology surrounding design are evolving at
an ever-increasing pace, and all developers need time to acquire
development-related information and improve their skills on an
ongoing basis.
We offer a variety of plans in order to meet the needs of our customers.

As the miniaturization, refinement, and energy efficiency of
semiconductors progresses, the electromagnetic tolerance of the
chips themselves has decreased.
Under these circumstances, effective noise countermeasures are
required, and interest in EMI for transmission lines and EMC for the
entire circuit boards is growing, making SI/PS simulation essential.
Additionally, in order to achieve quality mounting of large-scale BGA,
etc. on integrated circuits, we perform simulations of temperature
profiles at reflow during pattern design, and we offer items that allow
us to provide proposals for one-stop systems able to test actual

products using measurements taken in close proximity after mounting.
Art Electronics is able to offer these solutions because we are more than just a software vendor-we design
hardware in-house.


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